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This game was my entry to the first Cult of Jabril(s) Game Jam.

The theme was black and white and I instantly had this mechanic in my head: You can switch the background between black and white but the enemies are also in black and white and you can only see some of them if you switch the color.
And upon this mechanic I built this game.

I will definitely keep development for it alive after the Jam. I have already had some ideas (powerups and weapons) but hadn't had time to implement it in the Game Jam.

If you want to, you can check out my other projects here.
Source code will also be uploaded there.

Thanks for playing :)

Click here to play the Game


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cool game


I feel like the cooldown on the color switch is a bit too high since they have time to travel up to you. other then that great game. +1

Thanks! I have tested out multiple times on all difficulties and this turned out to be the most balanced.

Really cool! I love the idea of switching between the colors to see what was invisible. It added the right amount of difficulty to the game, which kept it exciting. By giving the player an option to chose the difficulty, it also kept the game exciting! The cool down on the switch can be annoying at times, though it was probably necessary to have kept the game balanced. Good work!

Thank you! Yeah I added the cooldown to prevent you from just spamming it which would mix both views together and completely nullify that feature. Though I have tested it on the hardest possible difficulty and always thought it was okay.

not bad.